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Ronald McDonald Family Room

"I am lucky enough to hear the stories of the families, help them carry their burdens, and provide them with just a little hope to get through their day. Whether it is making them laugh, letting them cry, or simply making a new pot of coffee, I help shed a glimmer of light on what is otherwise a dark and dreary day."

Rebecca Rightmyer
RMFR Volunteer

In 2012 the Family Room:
- accomodated 15,099 guests
- served 10,800 cups of McDonald's® coffee
- handed out 19,000 individually wrapped snacks and 2,200 bottles of water

The Ronald McDonald Family Room began welcoming guests in 2009 inside the walls of Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington, KY.  The Family Room provides a comforting and quiet area of respite, relaxation and reflection for families and loved ones of children who are being treated in the critical care units (NICU, PICU) of the hospital. 

Families of children facing life and death circumstances are often hesitant to leave the hospital even for one minute and the Family Room provides a few moments of escape throughout the day away from the stress of their situation.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room is staffed with helpful specially trained and screened volunteers.  Guests of the Family Room will find comfortable seating areas, complimentary snacks, McDonald’s® coffee, books and magazines as well as the use of portable electronic devices (DVD and CD players) with a library of family-friendly media.

2012 Impact
1,600 babies and children in the NICU and PICU were able to have their loved ones remain just a few steps from their child's bedside because of the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

90 trained volunteers staffed the Room for 3,324 hours!

The Ronald McDonald Family Room program at Kentucky Children’s Hospital is made possible through leadership support from McDonald’s of Southeastern and Central Kentucky and UK HealthCare as well as individuals, companies, and organizations who provide in-kind and financial contributions.